Used imports boost January’s vehicle sales

The stand-out sector though was used imported vehicles, aided by the strength of the New Zealand dollar and growing availability of ‘qualifying’ stock. While a comparatively small market, used imported commercial vehicles showed an even greater improvement than their New Zealand new counterparts. The 429 sales recorded in January was up 184 units (75 percent) compared to a year ago, and was the best single month for sales since December...
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Women’s guide to car checks

Here are five simple checks you can easily learn to do yourself! 1. Brakes Listen out for squeaking or grinding noises when you apply the brakes. This may mean your brakes need professional attention. Check that your brake pedal is functioning correctly and not reaching all the way to the floor. Also ensure that your floor mat is not likely Continue Reading...
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Are the proposed WOF changes worth it?

If you’re old enough to drive a car, you’ll know it’s not just a matter of climbing in behind the wheel. There’s the drivers licence, registration, and a warrant of fitness – which many of us have to keep updated every six months. That takes time, and costs money. Now the Ministry of Transport is suggesting changes to make it Continue Reading...
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