From $99 for an Oil and Filter Service

From $99 oil and filter service

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Yes, that’s right, from $99 for an oil and filter service.
Prices may vary based on make and model.

It goes without saying that a regular oil service is important for maintaining your car. If your oil is low, thin or old, your engine will run less efficiently and the friction between the moving parts in your engine will cause engine parts to wear much faster.

When should my oil be changed?

Manufacturers and car experts recommend that your oil is changed every 12 months, or a little less for higher mileage vehicles.

Our team is highly experienced in providing an effective oil and filter service. Your car needs the right grade of oil in order to lubricate and protect the internal parts from wear. This grade is outlined by your vehicle manufacturer and is based on the size and type of your car, as well as the temperature ranges of the engine.

We will be able to advise on the best oil for your engine.

Oil filters

As well as cooling the metal parts of your engine, your oil cleverly carries away dirt and metal particles. These contaminants are removed from the oil by the oil filter, which over time can become clogged, so it’s important that your filter is replaced regularly.

After an oil and filter service at Newdane, you can drive away knowing your car will be working as efficiently as possible.

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