Z launches online fuel-efficient driving tool

The Z Energy Eco Driving Tool was launched at Auckland’s Sustainable City Showcase and is designed to help New Zealand drivers understand the potential benefits of eco-driving.

Gerri Ward, Retail Sustainability Manager at Z Energy, said that the launch is in line with the company’s commitment to help reduce their customers’ carbon intensity and fuel costs.

“It may seem counter-intuitive for a fuel retailer to help its customers use less fuel, but we reckon it shows how genuinely committed we are to the long-term future of New Zealand’s sustainability and to delivering value for our customers.

“By taking simple steps and making changes, drivers can save up to 40 cents per litre of fuel and reduce their carbon emissions.”

Z’s Eco Driving Tool uses six video-based driving trials to test driving habits and suggest more efficient behaviours.

“We created the tool in the hope that our customers can learn about driving more efficiently, and think about their own driving behaviours, in a fun and interactive online environment,” said Gerri.

To see more on Z’s Eco Driving Tool, go to their website.